Feature Showcase: Document Review and Approval

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful laboratory, and there’s even more that goes into staying FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant. LabLog’s mission is to make sure that it’s a little bit easier.

Document review and approval is crucial for highly regulated environments like biotech and pharma. Oftentimes, we need to make sure that the right people sign off before we can take our work any further.

When this becomes a problem, however, is when we search everywhere and still can’t find the person that we need. Maybe the project manager is working remotely, or perhaps they’re just out for lunch. Either way, if we can’t get their signature, then we’re stuck in a holding pattern.

 These delays disrupt our schedules, force us into awkward situations, and, ultimately, affect our bottom lines. The creators of LabLog were tired of dealing with these frustrations.


Electronic Document Approval

 To simplify and streamline this entire process, we’ve integrated electronic document approval into our comprehensive electronic lab notebook. We made sure to include this feature in our ELN because we understand what it takes to manage and efficient lab.

 Researchers can create and upload documents in LabLog in order to send them for review to whomever they wish or whenever they need to gain approval. Our secure, encrypted tunnels prevent unauthorized users from accessing data, while our automatic time-stamp generators provide a full audit trail.

 Regardless of their physical location, so long as they’re connected to the internet and they’ve enabled LabLog notifications, the recipient can review and approve documents in real-time. This simplifies logistics, saves time, and enables new forms of collaboration.

These features give you the security that you need to stay FDA compliant and the convenience that you need to keep your lab running like a well-oiled machine.