Lab Tasks In LabLog

What are Tasks in LabLog?

In LabLog, "Tasks" refer to a specific work that you do in your lab. A task is a generic term so you can decide what it entails. For example. when you perform an experiment from start to finish you can call this a task. Alternatively, when you make a buffer solution it can be a Task in LabLog.

No more worrying about if you did something before leaving the lab! You can create a Task in the LabLog app to record your activities and observations in the lab. This is in contrast to "Methods" or procedures in LabLog; Methods are a set of instructions that you use to perform a task. In LabLog, you can record a Task from scratch or create a Task based on a Method like performing an experiment based on a protocol.

Let's take the example of a laboratory task where you need to assess the microbiological safety of a drug or a chemical. To record your findings and document how you got to those findings, you can create a new Task in LabLog and record step by step what you did and what the results were.

Tasks in LabLog consist of "Steps". Steps allows you to break down an experiment into smaller steps that you perform to make an observation or complete an experiment. A Task in LabLog is therefore like a folder and the Task Steps are like the pages in that folder where you write what you did and what you saw (the data).

We recommend that you create a method for tasks that you regularly perform in the lab. Method help you ensure that you are performing a task consistently based on a predefined recipe. Another advantage of using Methods to perform tasks is that LabLog can perform analytics on your performance based on each defined Method.

Note: A Method in LabLog is a protocol or a standard operating procedure. Methods can be private or shared in a team if approved by a manager in LabLog.

How to create a Task in LabLog?

You can record a new task by selecting the "Tasks" menu option in the LabLog mobile and web app. In the Tasks page, select the add (+) icon to create a new task. In the task details page, enter a title that describes the purpose of your task or experiment in one sentence. Finally, start by adding steps which are the steps you take to complete a task. Add a step for your data and observations too. Your completed task can be exported as a PDF file or shared with your colleagues. Watch the video below to learn how to create a task in LabLog.

NOTE: Tasks can also be created from a predefined set of instructions (known as Methods) in LabLog. Select a method and select "Perform" to create a Task based on the predefined instructions. Methods maximize reproducibility and minimize waste. Therefore we recommend using Methods as template for creating a Task.

Watch the video below to learn how to record lab experiments (LabLog Tasks) using your computer or mobile/tablet device.

Task Analytics

LabLog automatically tracks and reports the progress of tasks that you perform in the lab. Weekly summary emails are generated for you. If you are working in a team, your team manager can view your progress stats.

Task Reminders

No more worrying about forgetting to do something in the future! Using the LabLog mobile app, you can schedule tasks that you want to perform in the future. LabLog will remind you with email and mobile push notifications before the task is due.

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