LabLog in Active Directory Enterprise Applications

Rockville, MD -- Jan. 11, 2020 -- LabLog, the emerging leader in Electronic Lab Notebook market, today announced its integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). LabLog customers will now be able to perform a more efficient system rollout in their organization by adding LabLog from the Azure AD Enterprise Applications Gallery. Customers can then control who has access to their digital laboratory notebook system, enable users to automatically sign-on to LabLog's Single Sign-On (SSO), and manage accounts in one central location.

The Azure AD integration is now available to LabLog customers on the Iconic Tier and can be enabled for current users without disrupting existing access.

"Many laboratory researchers depend on LabLog to manage and organize their laboratory data and notes in one central and collaborative environment," said Hani Ebrahimi, CEO and Co-Founder of LabLog. "We are delighted that Microsoft Azure Active Directory customers can now utilize LabLog to give them the highest authentication flexibility."

To learn more about how to integrate Azure AD with LabLog's Electronic Lab Notebook system, please visit and

LabLog's mission is to make research data and record management simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. LabLog connects research teams with the lab data, protocols, and inventory items they need to get research done. When your lab needs to kick off a project, publish a new study, develop an assay, optimize a protocol, collaborate on a research project, share large data sets, track lab data and audit logs, and more, LabLog has you covered. For more information, visit https://labnotebook.appFacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.

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