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Founded 2016, Maryland. LabLog is a registered trademark #5629822.

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"This app is great for streamlining the process of running experimental protocols, tracking changes to protocols and experiments to meet FDA requirements, and keeping signatures moving. The group has created a better electronic lab notebook taking our field into the 21st century." -Ashley Orillion (The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson)
✓ Project Managers
Managing a robust product development pipeline requires collaborative effort. LabLog gives you the tools you need to analyze team performace, collaborate, and manage new projects.
✓ Laboratory Research
Lab work is a dynamic and fast paced effort. Organize, track, and share your methods, experiments and data with a touch of a button. Gain powerful insights into your weekly and monthly progress as new experiments become necessary.
✓ Local Support
LabLog's home is in Maryland, USA, close to both the FDA and NIH centers. We provide in person onboarding, support, and refresher trainings at client locations within the United States.
✓ FDA Compliance
Title 21 CFR Part 11 establishes the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for electronic records. LabLog has been independently verified to be Part 11 compliant. Contact us today to learn how LabLog helps you to stay compliant.
✓ Collaboration & Signatures
Speed up collaboration with real-time notifications for electronic signature requests and document sharing. All designed to work seamlessly in biopharma environment.
✓ Easy Integration
Access all LabLog features from your existing systems and with any programming language. LabLog’s powerful Application Programming Interface (API) provides easy integration.

On-site Onboarding & Training

Embracing a new Lab Notebook platform (also known as ELN) can be logistically challanging. You can request on-site help for setting up your new Electronic Lab Notebook software. Our experts will ensure that your lab is up and running in no time, while meeting all relevant regulatory requirements. Enjoy a seamless trasition to LabLog ELN platform with the help of our experts in person and in your lab.

We are based in Maryland, USA, and our office is located near the FDA and NIH campuses.

Keeping your lab data and findings secure

IT security is critical for electronic lab notebooks (ELN). We adhere to federal and international standards for cybersecurity and make our third-party verified audit reports available to our clients. Learn more about ELN data security here.

of LabLog clients reported a better researcher/admin relationship
average increase in timely lab reports with LabLog
researchers in the United States use LabLog for record keeping

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More laboratories in Maryland choose LabLog as their all-in-one ELN solution for online management of scientific findings. Schedule a personalized demo today to learn about replacing your paper notebook with LabLog"s ELN platform.

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Use LabLog’s software packages to plan tasks, manage data, track results, stay FDA compliant, and much more.
"We chose LabLog because I had heard about the company from our peers, and they were all raving about the great features. We were not disappointed at all!"

- Adam Azulai, National Institutes of Health