Lab Notes. The Clever Way.

LabLog is a technology company with roots in scientific research. Our tech is for scientists, by scientists. We create electronic lab notebook (ELN) software that goes beyond data collection and organization. We optimized our applications for researchers by providing an all-in-one solution that includes useful tools, compliance controls, and more. At LabLog, we believe there is a better way to keep laboratory records: a more secure, less time-consuming way where researchers feel confident in putting their trust in a digital lab notebook.

scientists in laboratory

Our story

LabLog was founded by two former postdoctoral researchers from NIH (National Institutes of Health), Dr. Hani Ebrahimi and Dr. Pamela Gallagher. After years of research experience, they found themselves frustrated with a lack of good scientific document management systems. They decided to create LabLog to meet the needs of scientists.

Meet the team

Dr Hani Ebrahimi

CEO & Co-founder

Dr Pamela Gallagher

CSO & Co-founder

Elizabeth Proctor

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Jessica Reuter Castrogiovanni

Software QA Manager

Andre Fox

Front end developer