Researchers are always concerned about privacy and data security. Our technology is optimized to perfectly balance user experience and in-depth security.

LabLog Data Security Features

Code Signing
LabLog is the only electronic lab notebook (ELN) provider to develop local apps that are backed up by secure cloud services. This enables us to use platform-specific security technologies to secure data on your workstations, before it ever goes through the network and into the cloud.

Our Apple Distribution Certificates enables Apple Code Signing on Mac computers and other Apple devices.

In compliance with Apple, LabLog is sandboxed to prevent inadvertent functionality in case of third-party compromise. This protects your equipment from attackers and stops other compromised applications from accessing the data stored on LabLog.

Local and Cloud Backups
Once stored on your computer, encrypt a copy and directly upload it to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for storage via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) endpoints by using the HTTPS protocol. By default, AWS then encrypts that data again with SSE- S3. Read more about Amazon’s security measures here.

User Access Controls
User level permission for each record uploaded by the app prevents anyone from looking at your encrypted data. You control who can download, decrypt, and view your notes by choosing to share them with specific colleagues or by assigning permissions to different roles. Our two cloud micro-servers manage users, S3 data, invitations, and file-sharing.

Some roles, such as reviewer and approver, are built-in for compliance. Team administrators can also create custom roles.

Guaranteed Availability
LabLog is powered by fault-tolerant architecture. Our cloud computing infrastructure uses redundant load balancers, servers, and virtual instances to guarantee availability. We host all our data in the United States.