5 Benefits Of LabLog That You Have To Try Now

1- Easy note taking

Is your lab notebook filled with boring boxes and flowcharts? The answer is most likely a No. So why should an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) app force you to change the way you take notes?

You can use the LabLog app to take notes the way you are used to; the efficient way, and the productive way. LabLog can run on your computer or on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

LabLog's note editor is a powerful editor classed as a What You Get Is What You See (WYSIWYG) editor. You can use the same text editor on your phone and your computer to create beautiful and productive notes.

The image below is a screenshot of the text editor from the LabLog web app.

LabLog Editor on Web App

The image below is a screenshot of the text editor from the LabLog mobile app:

LabLog Note Editor

2. Attach files, images and video

Sometimes when doing an experiment or making an observation, you need to take a picture or a video. Taking pictures and videos are a great way to record data. They are time saving and accurate. Photos can also help you refresh your memory about a certain item that you used during an experiment. Attaching photos or videos to your experiments is very easy to do with LabLog. Snap a photo or take a video right from inside the LabLog mobile app. You can also upload existing files and photos. For example, download a PDF file of a kit protocol from the manufactures website and attach it to your experiment for future referece.

Attach Option Menu in LabLog mobile app

3. Export PDF

LabLog let's you export PDF files for offline work. We have verified that the PDF exports are compliant with FDA's 21 CFR Part 11. Create a method, export it as a PDF file and you will be able to share it with anyone.

Learn more about exporting protocols as PDF files by clicking here

4. Analytics

Analytics are useful for when you want to get a picture of your lab work progress. Lab managers can also see how their team is performing.

There are two types of analytics in LabLog: 1- lab work progress analytics; 2- Experimental results analytics.

You can view your lab work analytics from your LabLog dashboard (the main page in the app). Managers can click on a team member to see their work progress analytics. Managers also receive weekly summaries of team progress analytics.

lab work analytics on your dashboard

The second type of analytics is experimental data analytics. For this you can create a method that is repeatedly performed to obtain independent results. For example, a PCR protocol or environmental monitoring procedure that is repeated overtime. Now you want to go back and see all the results obtained when you performed this particular method. You can export this analysis as an Excel file.

Export Excel File 

5. Electronic signatures

In biotech and pharmaceutical industries, electronic signatures play an important role in document control and meeting regulatory requirements such as those of 21 CFR Part 11. LabLog is independently verified to be Part 11 compliant for managing and displaying electronic signatures. Every method and task in your lab notebook app can be signed as reviewed or approved by one or more people. You can request signatures from both the mobile and the web app. The person who needs to sign the document receives an email alert. After logging into their lab notebook app, the signer can execute the signature and the document becomes locked of the purpose of the signature is approval.



In short, LabLog helps you become more efficient in the lab while letting you work they way you are used too. LabLog is flexible and powerful so you can set up you lab notebook app the way you want.