Getting Help For Your Lab Notebook App

Out with ticketing systems, in with real conversations

We strive to improve our real life customer support experiences.

At LabLog, we believe that providing feedback about our Electronic Lab Notebook platform, asking for technical assistance, or requesting a new feature should not feel like waiting in line at the DMV. That is why we rely on one-on-one conversations instead of outdated support ticketing models.

LabLog's customer support is personal. We respond to you quickly and honestly, instead of you filling out a one-off support ticket that is stored in a database. We strive to deliver the best customer support you possibly can get for an Electronic Lab Notebook.

How to start a conversation with us

Start a new conversation or follow up on previous conversations with us by visiting our website and clicking on the messenger icon in bottom right corner of the page.

If you are an existing client, our customer service team will be ready to answer your questions and address any concerns that you may have during your conversation. For example you can request a new feature to be integrated in your Electronic Lab Notebook. The messenger allows you to continue conversations at a later date, either via email or by coming back to the messenger. If you have technical questions or just wondering how to use a feature in your digital lab notebook, the messenger can help you find the right answer in our user guide. Click here to view our user guide.

If you are a new visitor looking to find an Electronic Lab Notebook app that best fits your needs, you can book a demo right from inside the messenger or by visiting our demo booking page.

Getting Started with an Electronic Lab Notebook is all about mastering the basics. Start a conversation with us today to learn how to install LabLog, manage teams, assign electronic signatures, generate reports, automate FDA Part 11 compliance, and more.

Finally, your privacy and data security is our priority. This includes every conversation we have with our clients. That is why we use reputable help desk providers, audited by our in-house regulatory affairs team to ensure all required standards are being met for all our customer support operations.

Tip: Ask about our FDA compliant User Guide during the demo or by starting a conversation. Electronic Lab Notebook User Guides used in regulated life sciences industries must adhere to certain specifications. We make these available to our clients who may undergo audits by the FDA.

The LabLog customer support messenger: The screenshot below shows the capabilities of the messenger on our website. Start a conversation, search our knowledge base, or request a product demo right inside the messenger.