Work Offline and Synch Later: LabLog Enables Freedom


It’s a common frustration for researchers who use electronic lab notebooks (ELNs). All their online notes, protocols, and procedures only extend as far as their internet connection can reach.

Though this may not seem like too much of a concern when they sign up—the internet is everywhere after all—they quickly discover just how inconvenient this limitation can be. Especially in labs that feature delicate electronics or quarantined areas, researchers struggle to integrate their offline work with their ELN solutions.

 That’s why the best online lab notebook also functions offline. LabLog believes that technology should facilitate research, not put a damper on it, and so we’ve created an application that is fully functional in offline mode.


The Freedom to Move

Our goal is enabling this feature is to give researchers a maximum degree of freedom. A digital lab notebook ought to integrate seamlessly with the rest of our systems, and we ought to be able to rely on a single interface to collect data, analyze outcomes, and create documentation—no matter where move.

Researchers don’t have to worry about missing data points after removing an online interface from the internet. Completing a difficult task and then realizing that our ELN wasn’t able to record any of it is a truly maddening experience.

Instead, researchers can simply carry their mobile devices with them, do their work, and store their information on their local device. They can take pictures, write notes, and more.

Then, when they return to a network service area, LabLog automatically synchs their data with the entire lab’s database. This unique feature also minimizes risk of data loss because it provides cloud storage backups.

Because this process is entirely automated, users also don’t have to worry about forgetting to upload when they’re done. The software takes care of everything.

Are you ready to upgrade your lab to a fully integrated ELN solution?